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            You frown at the door, cursing Killer again. “___.... Let me guess, another chamber maid?” The head guard says approaching. You turn your head to give him a glare.
          “Im not getting paid enough to wait around while he screws around literally.” You growl. He pauses as you smirk. “I know, for every chamber maid I must wait on, you owe me two more coins.” You watch him with a smirk as even his helmet starts to sweat.
           “I can stand guard here, you did look her over right?” He asks.
           “Yeah, you don’t have to worry about her yet. She’s in love with the prince…” You sigh, “When she finally realizes that he doesn’t give a damn about her… Well, I believe the saying is, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”
           “Since when have you been able to read love too?” He asks. You glance at him and hum.
            “It’s a sickness, and all the symptoms are the same…. Typical prince will soon find out that screwing around will only bring him trouble.” You add before heading to the infirmary.
            Law looks over as you peer in. “Hello again, I was just getting everything out to tend to your injuries.” He comments as you sit down and adjust your top so he can tend to your shoulder. “You don’t appear to be in the best of moods.”
            “Im not amused with the prince’s antics. He’s too naïve, hasn’t it sunk in that people want to overthrow his bloodline?” You scoff in annoyance. Law smiles a bit, focusing on your wounds.
             “I agree with why you’re annoyed. But perhaps its because you and Killer make him feel secure.” He comments. You blink and huff, becoming more irritated, much to the sawbones’s amusement.
             “What? So he’s letting us do all the work!? I’ll kick his ass…” You growl.
             “You’re not sounding like a cattle herder, ___,” He hums.
              “You’ve never listened to someone rant have you?” You huff.
              “Got me there…. All bandaged up, you’re healing nicely. I should have my medicine restocked by dinner, please return then so I can apply better medicine.” He says pulling back.
              “Thanks Law. It’s nice that someone like you is here.” You smile at him before heading out to the kitchen to check on Sanji. The blond was humming cheerfully as he worked on dinner. “Smells good Sanji.” You smile softly, going in. He pauses before looking over his shoulder and grins.
              “Hello ___-chan~ Dinner's not ready, but if you’re hungry, I’ll make you a snack.” He offers sweetly.
              “No, I just wanted to come check on you, everything going good?” You ask, peering at the food. Your mouth was already starting to water.
             “Yes, I like it here. Try this,” He hums, offering you a bite. You try it and hum in content.
             “You’re going to make a fine husband Sanji.” You breathe thoughtfully. He blushes and grins more at that.
             “Would you marry me then?” He jokes lightly.  
              “A tempting offer indeed, I must return to the prince now, see you around Sanji.” You wave before heading out to find the redhead. You meet him and Killer heading for the dining hall. “Dinner will take a while, perhaps his majesty should wash up? He smells weird.” You smile, actually you wanted to say he smelt like a dog but that might piss him off. Not that you cared, but you rather liked your head on your shoulders. Kid frowns at your comment.
            “Alright, get some water ready for me then.” He states. You nod and go to do so. You smirk, deciding to make the water a bit hotter for him than usual.
            “Here you are your majesty,” You smile before going out. You smirk at Killer, making him pause just before you hear Kid blurt out.
             “Hot!” The prince gasps.
             “You’re just being spiteful now…” He sighs.
             “A maiden's heart shouldn’t be taken so lightly Killer.” You breathe going past. You wait patiently near the dining hall for the prince, and judging by his flushed skin as he approached, he had washed up despite the hot water. He scowls at you lightly but you just smile. “Oh dear, I’m sorry your highness, it felt fine to me.”
             “Sure…” He grumbles going past.

             You relax back in the royal tub with a small smile as you gaze out at the night kissed scenery. Candles lit your skin, the scents of the flower petals in the water dance over your skin. You haven’t felt this good in ages. “Must be nice to be a royal.”
              “Other than people betraying and trying to kill you, it’s fine.” His voice made you tense and look over your shoulder at the head of the royal guard, finding him leaning against the door with his arms folded. Oops, didn’t expect him to wake. “You enjoying yourself ___?”
               “I was. How long have you been there Killer?” You ask, smiling a bit, at least it was him.
              “A bit, you realize this is far over stepping from your place, in some cases, resulting in death.” He hums, tilting his head. “You should’ve latched the door.” He points at the latch. You blink and smile.
              “Then latch it and join me friend,” You wave. He pauses before chuckling and doing so. You look out again as he strips before sliding in on the other side of you.
               “You’re still a trouble seeking woman…” He hums.
               “You didn’t hesitate.” You peer at his handsome nearly flawless face, meeting his green gaze.  
              “Eh, I won’t be in here long.” He shrugs sinking into the water more and looking out the window. “You sure know how to relax.”
              “Mhm… Do you ever miss being free Killer?” You ask leaning your head back.
               “Sometimes. But Kid’s cool, tomorrow, we go hunting, so you’ll have a free day.” He hums.
              “Hunting…” You echo and frown. “Nope. Im going too.” You decide.
              “___, if Kid finds out you’re not a servant there may be trouble for you too, I’ve been targeted once too and-“
              “My job is to protect the prince. I plan to do that Killer. Don’t worry, he won’t find out it,” You smile thoughtfully. He sighs heavily but smiles.
             “I knew I could count on you.”

             You were surprised to him find already up and in the middle of getting dressed. In fact, you were so surprised you stood there just gawking at him. Of course, the prince took it as an appraisal. “You can touch if you want, I wouldn’t mind one bit.” He rumbles with a smirk.
           He blinks in surprise when you blink into focus and give him the coldest look he’s ever received. “You really need this expedition. You’re getting a little round. Your highness.” You give him a sweet smile although your words were laced with venom. Your words had stabbed right through your mark, leaving him stumped before looking down at himself rather self-consciously.
          Damn cocky prince, you honestly didn’t care about the size of people, but you knew how to take him down. After a few more moments, Kid comes out in his royal hunting attire, avoiding your gaze. Wow, maybe you had been too mean… Then again, you had to let him know you weren’t one of his toys.
          “… Is everything okay your majesty?” Killer asks coming up.
          “Let’s just go,” Kid scoffs heading off.
          “What did you do?” Killer looks at you.
          “He got overconfident with me so I went for the gut.” You shrug.
          “You cant go around insulting people when they flirt with you.” Killer scolds.
          “Oh, so do I do it after I fall for their imaginary charm?” You hum.
          “… If you were a mineral, you’d be salt.” He states before hurrying after Kid. You smile and wave before hurrying out to town to get in disguise.
          “Hunting.” You hum, looking toward the stables, “I’m going to need my horse.” You smile before heading over. “Nox,” You call and the jet black horse whines from his stall. You smile and go over to your stead. “Hey handsome.” You pet him softly.
          After getting your stead ready to go, you get on and ride out after the King’s convoy. “Gonna be a long day…”
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Lorphen Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
His is by far the best chapter. XD it's too good!
SweetDarklightDevil Featured By Owner 4 days ago   Artist
Ohhh, how I love her ❤
But damn, I wouldnt mind it to bath with the handsome soldier 😏
ZodiacPI100 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Yep definitely salt!!
Lorphen Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
I would definitely be salt. I loge his story~ it's so good!!
Katmm1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
XD True tho, my salt levels over 9000Midori Tounge Icon  That's right I made the reference.......yup I am not one of your playthings Kid, so back the flip off  
MinVerden Featured By Owner 6 days ago
“… If you were a mineral, you’d be salt.” Damn Killer, you got me good with that one *giggles*
Killer: I hope so because you really where in this chapter
Then he shouldn't have pissed me off
Kid: I'm right here you know

Good as always hun ❤❤❤👍
AuraLady Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
eh "I'm not a chamber maid... I'm here to keep your ass alive, not to sleep with you" lol but ya calling him on his build was a lil harsh
Tigerfrost15 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I am salt. haha
peacegirl1900 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student General Artist
I'm sure she has a reason. Behind all the bitchiness, there is one in the shadow that caused it. 
phoenixjewls Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
She's kinda bitchy in this one
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