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0db2b1898bf185efbef6351111833f6b by PirateQueenD

       “Alright your highness, time to wake up.” You nudge his shoulder when opening the curtains didn’t wake him. He hums sleepily, eyes easing open. “Good morning your majesty, come on, you’re expecting merchants today and a crown maker.”
         “Dammit…” He yawns softly, hiding his face under the blankets. That was actually cute. “Can’t you tell them I’m sick?”
          “I will not lie to Killer, but I’ll go get your breakfast if you would prefer?” You bargain. “That’ll buy you a bit more time to sleep.”
           “…. Deal.” He murmurs rolling over. With that you head back out.
           “I’ll get his breakfast.” You tell Killer before going to do so. You enter the kitchen and stop tilting your head as you look at the chef. “I’m here for his majesty's breakfast.”
            “Yes, yes!” The short man places the plate on a tray and brings it over to you.
            “Make it again, and without the poison.” You tell him. He pauses at that.
             “W-What are you talking about? I would never-“ He jumps when you lean to his level suddenly.
            “If he dies from eating this. Nothing will stop me from skinning you alive and tossing you in a pig pin, and even if you survive those beasts. You wont survive the disease that comes from your skinless body rolling around in their filth. For that alone will bring forth a very excruciating death.” You breathe coldly. “So, why don’t you think long and hard before handing me that tray.”
            He shifts, now as white as paper from your words. “Y-Yes ma’am.” He stammers before swiftly making a new tray of food under your supervision. He brings it back to you and you smile, before taking it.
          “That’s much better.” You smile before piercing his throat with your dagger. “No one will threaten the King's life while I am employed here, you should’ve taken your job to heart.” You breathe cleaning your blade off on his apron before heading back to Kid’s room.
            “That took a while.” Killer comments.
            “You need to find a new chef, I just had to kill the other one for trying to poison the king… Oh, and I want to evaluate whoever you pick.” You inform him before going into Kid’s room and setting the tray on his nightstand. “Food’s here your majesty, now you have to wake up.” You tell him. He sighs and sits up, rubbing his eyes before looking at the bandages on your arm.
           “… How’s your injuries?” He asks starting to eat.
          “They’re fine, the doctor says they’ll scar, but that’s it.” You shrug. He nods, peering at your arm again.
            “What did you do before you came here ___?” He asks.
            “Herd cattle.” You hum simply. “Hurry and get dressed your majesty.” You add before walking out.
             “___, could you at least let me publicly execute them for treason?” Killer sighs, referring to the chef.
            “The threats are inside the castle. If I catch them, I will kill them then and there. You should investigate everyone before I catch anymore.” You fold your arms.
            “… I did that before you got here. I don’t have an eye like you.” He sighs.
           “Then I’ll do what I must.” You murmur before looking to the door as Kid comes out. “Ready to start your day now your majesty?” You ask.
           “I want a cake for tonight, tell the chef.” He tells you before stepping beside Killer.
            “As you wish.” You courtesy before starting for the kitchen. Once they’re out of sight, you change direction and leave the castle, hurrying to the town’s bakery and rushing in. “Who’s the best baker in here?” You ask.
            “That would be me lovely damsel~” A blond man sings. You look him over.
            “Please come cook for the Prince.” You request. He stops in surprise, opening his mouth to object until you put three gold coins on the counter. “This is for the bakery. I’ll pay you for your additional time.” You tell him. He meets your gaze before smiling.
            “Sanji, at your service.” He rumbles with a bow. You smile and grab his wrist, rushing back out with him.
             “He wants a cake for tonight, our other chef was executed for trying to poison the prince.” You inform him on the way.
           “I didn’t hear of any executions…” He frowns.
           “They happened on spot. Don’t worry, you’re safe.” You give him a swift smile before leading him in and into the kitchen. “Let me know if you need anything.” You chime before going to search for Kid. You find him and Killer in the throne room speaking with merchants. You silently return to Kid’s side, peering at the travelers curiously.
             “Perhaps we can offer your servants better attire as well?” The merchant bargains, gesturing to you. You straighten, giving the man a quizzical gaze. Was he trying to offend you? You look at Kid as his amber eyes sweep over you.
             “Are you trying to say something about my servant’s looks?” Kid asks the man confused.
             “Well, I believe they’re not showing their true potential.” The man hums. Kid’s brows furrow and you hum.
             “They’re from over the dessert, there the servants show a lot of skin to please their masters, that’s what they’re referring to.” You inform him. Kid glances at you again and you bite your tongue for speaking out of place.
              “That could be useful…” He pauses before shaking his head. “No, I don’t want that. Go away.” He waves them off. You almost smile at his bluntness until he looks at you again. “Killer told me about this morning, you discovered the chief poisoning my food and reported him to Killer…. Were you gone that long to go find a new chef in town?” He inquires in slight amusement.
              “Yes…” You admit, looking down. He chuckles at that, surprising you.
             “You should said something, someone else could’ve found a new chef.” He tells you.
            “They wouldn’t have found the right one.” You defend. He raises an eyebrow.
            “What’s the right one then?” He asks. You shift and rub your neck.
             “The one with so much pride in his food that he would never poison it…” You point out. He searches your face before humming.
              “If you say… What else is there to do today?” He inquires.
              “Crown maker.” You answer. He nods and sighs to himself.
              “Then what else?” He sits back with a bored frown.
              “Then you’re free to do as you please.” You let him know, looking over as the crown maker enters.
              “Sounds good.” He breathes before the maker begins to take measurements and asking Kid how he would like his crown.
               Afterwards, you follow Kid toward one of the towers. He unlocks the door and opens it. You take step to peer in but he puts a finger to your forehead. “Ah ah, you don’t need to follow me everywhere, go relax or something.” He tells you. You blink before nodding.
             “Yessir, call if you need anything.” You tell him. He shakes his head.
              “___, go do what you want, I’ll be down by dinner.” He rumbles before going in and closing the door. You hear a latch slide into place and frown at the door. Well, as long as he was safe… But what was there for you to do?
             “I knew he’d go to his tower today… Come on, lets take a walk.” Killer chuckles, making you look over at him.
              “Better than waiting at the door for him.” You muse. Killer guides you out of the castle to the royal gardens.
              “I met the new chef, he seems like a good one.” Killer comments.
             “Yeah, he is, his intentions are very good.” You smile. “Is that tower secure?” You ask, glancing back at the tower Kid was in.
            “Yes, it is.” Killer assures. You nod before getting down and rolling onto the warm cobblestone to watch the clouds roll by. Killer sweatdrops before kneeling beside you. “Always so relaxed…” He marvels.
            “There’s not much I can do when he puts me on break. Just have to enjoy these tiny moments.” You hum. Killer hums and looks up at the sky. “… What does he even do up there anyway?”
            “No one knows, it’s like his private place.” He shrugs.
            “Reassuring.” You mutter.
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LuciferAugusta Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
urgh poison 
well now we have a good cook at last 
Skywolf109 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I really hope you continue this one! It's very interesting ^^
seffykoepsel Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
very interesting ^+^
sapphirelight22 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017
I really do not like being caught up with some stories. I know this is rude, but now I have to wait. My skin is itching for more of your warm words, my queen. It's so good~
ZodiacPI100 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
Another Great Story!!! Keep up the great work Queen!!! You always do an amazing job!!!!
Katmm1 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool new story Queen~!
UntamedWolf Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Again: why do people want to kill precious beef cake bae? He's no cinnamon roll but like.. why
SpriteGirl Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really love this story so far =D
Please keep going ^^ (if it's not too much asking that is =p)
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