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Super Film-Logo by PirateQueenD

       So warm and nice, you hug the warmth to yourself, smiling happily. You felt great right now, how odd. Anyway, why did this warmth have heartbeat? Wait… Your eyes ease open and you pull your head back sleepily, looking at his back. Were…. Were you spooning Eustass Kid? Feeling a blush creep to your cheeks, you pull away carefully as to avoid waking the little spoon.
      Glancing at the alarm clock you pale and swiftly get out of bed, going to your room to wake your brother. “Sunny time to go to…” He wasn’t there, but your phone was on the pillow. You raise an eyebrow and check your phone, finding a picture text from Law. You open it and blush more, apparently Law caught the spooning.
        ‘Sunny didn’t want to wake you two so he called me to take him to school. Really cute by the way, you make a cute couple X’D I knew you were a cuddler.’ The message attached to it teases.
        “We’re not to speak of this.” You message back before getting ready for school. “Kid! Wake up, we’re late!” You call out.
        “Im up!” He responds groggy. Then you hear a thud and pause before going out to find him lying half out of Sunny’s room.
         “Are you really?” You sweatdrop.
         “… I tripped on his action figure…” He sighs and you with look toward the now broken miniature RedDemon. Your heart skips a beat.
          “No! Not Red! Do you know what I went through to get that!?” You gasp swiftly scooping up the pieces and looking over them. “Oh no…” You murmur.  “His joints are shattered.”
          “Um… Sorry-“ You grab his shirt collar and pull his face close.
          “We’re on code Red, Kid! That’s not a pun in the slightest.  My brother’s precious has been destroyed and we must find a replacement at all costs!” You shake him.
           “So… No school?” He guesses.
          “Theres no time!” You swiftly run to your room and grab your wallet and then Kid’s keys. “Come on! We’re taking your motorcycle!” You grab the front of his shirt and pulling him out.
           “W-Wait, I’m not even ready!” He objects. You stop and frown at him.
           “Quickly.” You breathe releasing his shirt before continuing down to the ground,  hopping onto the motorcycle and turning it on. Kid soon comes out and gives you a look, opening his mouth to object to you driving. “I cant believe you destroyed mini-Red as soon as you woke up.” You sigh and he pauses, guilt coming to his face before he plops down behind you without a word.
          You smirk a bit at his silence and make the bike jerk forward, he swiftly grabs hold of you. You freeze, looking at his hands on your chest. He stiffens when he realizes where his hands are and drops his hands.  “S-Sorry…” He coughs.
         “J-Just hold onto my waist idiot.” You huff before driving off.
         You and Kid went through five stores in one hour and nothing. “I knew it was limited edition but there’s literally nothing like him..............…” You sigh rubbing your cheek stressed. Kid frowns at that and looks around.
         “Maybe there’s some new models in that one. That would be alright wouldn’t it?” Kid asks.
         “I guess…” You sigh letting him lead the way. Soon you both find the super collection and pick up different RedDemons. You look each one over before sighing heavily.  
         “No good, I could make better replicas, and even more interactive…” You grumble. Kid pauses and nods slightly.  
         “Then… Lets do that.” He breathes looking at you. That, that could work. You meet his gaze, wheels turning.
          “I could make him fly.” You whisper. Kid smiles at that as you turn to each other.  
          “Remote controlled?” He guesses.  
          “Yes! Make him shoot those spongy discs!” You murmur grinning.  
           “Genius… We’re going to need materials.” Kid hums. You light up at that.
           “Then lets get shopping!” You cheer.

        “Alright, here’s the next piece.” Kid murmurs handing you a tiny piece. You take it and hook it into place. “Think you can finish in ten minutes?” He asks peering at the clock.
          “Give me five.” You smirk, glancing at him. He chuckles and you focus on the little pieces, hooking each into place and securing them. You finish and sit back, nodding to Kid. He turns on the controller and the mini RedDemon.  He tests it out like an excited child, not that you could blame him you had wired the miniature well.
        “So smooth,  its like a video game.” Kid rumbles. You smile watching Kid’s face for a bit, you weren’t sure why but watching him was nice. He seemed happy, not just about the robot, but just in general.  It wasn’t an emotion you saw in him before he moved in. Kid stops and looks at you, pausing. “Um, did you want to try?” He inquires.
          “No, I was just…” You sit back and rubbing your neck as you look away briefly.  “You’re really happy here, arent you?” He was surprised by the question and looks at mini RedDemon.
          “Well yeah, it’s nice not fighting with you every day…. I uh… I like hanging out with you.” He scratches his cheek as pink kisses them. You smile a bit and pat his shoulder just as the door opens and Sunny, Law, and a curly white haired girl comes in.
          “___! Kid! This is my friend Merry! Law said she could come over!” Sunny chimes happily. You smile widely,  glancing at Law briefly before getting up and going to greet them.
          “Hello Merry, its nice to meet you. Make yourself at home, because now we’re sisters.” You pat her head making her smile up at you with peach colored eyes. “Now Sunny, I have sad news, this morning there was an accident,  and your RedDemon action figure was damaged beyond proper repair.” You sigh.
          “It was my fault, I tripped over him. But you know how your sister is, we went through so many stores trying to find one like it, but when we couldn’t…” Kid brings over the controller and mini RedDemon, kneeling down beside you. “She made you an even better one.”
          “Kid helped, and it was his idea.” You add, ruffling Kid’s hair and earning a chuckle. Sunny lights up, taking the controller and RedDemon and starting to play with the robot for a bit. Your brother soon passes the controller to Merry and hugs you and Kid happily.
           “Thank you! You two are a tag team of awesomeness!” He gushes. You giggle and kneel down to hug him.
           “Anything for my super little brother,  now go play with Merry, and if you guys want anything let me know.” You hum before straightening up and looking at Law.
          “When he asked if she could come, I knew you’d say yes, and I bought ice cream and a box of brownie mix for you because I know you’re gonna spoil them.” Law hands you the bags. “I would stay but I have surgeon training today, see you.” He waves before leaving.  
          “Mmm brownies.” You hum before going to the kitchen.
          “Want help?” Kid asks following you.
          “You sure are helpful lately.” You tease lightly.  
          “Eh, I get bored, I’m more hands on.” He points out,  coming to your side and starting to help.
          “Alright, what kind of brownies do you think Merry would like?” You ask him.
           “Just go ask.” He chuckles nudging you.
          “Fine Fine.” You hum before going over to the living room where the kids were gushing over mini Red. “Excuse me supers! But what would super Merry like in her brownies?” You rumble playfully.
           “Mm… Peanut butter!” She chimes.
           “Peanut butter?  So daring! What do you think Super Sunny?” You look to the other.
           “That sounds awesome!” Sunny gushes.
           “Then I’ll see what I can do!” You hum before going back to the kitchen. “They request peanut butter Kid.” You inform him, opening a cabinet and trying to reach for the peanut butter.  Kid smiles, moving behind you and reaching it before handing it to you.
          “Can it really be done?” He breathes when you turn to him.
          “I believe so, or we’ll die trying.” You smirk up at him. He meets your gaze and chuckles lightly,  knuckle brushing your cheek before focusing on the brownie.  You blink watching him, feeling pink kissing your cheeks. What was that just now? Affection? Or maybe it was your imagination.
          Merry and Sunny eventually end up in your room, playing the new video game while mini Red charged. You and Kid took the living room couch,  watching movies. “I think they’re getting along great.” You murmur hearing the children giggle.
          “No! Curse you RedDemon!” Merry giggles.
          “Yeah its good that he has someone.” Kid agrees.
           “When we were his age, we were always fighting, and neither of us had friends.” You remember.  
           “Ugh, you make it sound like we’re old.” He grumbles.  
          “I know but still… We’ve always had eachother…” You murmur looking to the side. “How much things have changed.”
          Kid watches you for a bit before looking ahead. “I… I did look forward to fighting you back then.” He admits.
         “Me too… Maybe we have a screw loose.” You chuckle lightly.  You both look at each other.
          “Nah, I think we just didn’t know how to make friends.” He shrugs lightly.  
          “Mm it worked eventually.” You smirk, lightly punching his shoulder.  Kid chuckles and pulls you closer, pinching your cheek.
           “You’re still a punk.” He snickers.
           “You’re the punk.” You shoot back mushing his face.
           “Are they going to kiss?” You both hear Merry whisper and look over at the two kids peering into the living room.  You and Kid pull away at that.
           “What are you two doing?” You huff.
          “Can we have ice cream?” Sunny asks.
          “Mm after dinner. What do you guys want?” Kid chuckles.  
          “Chicken!” The pair chime.
          “Alright,  dinner then ice cream, and… Merry, when do you need to go home?” You ask.
          “Can I spend the night?” She asks. You and Kid share a look.
          “Camp out in the living room?” You hum.
           “I’ll get the blankets, Merry call your parents.” Kid nods.
           “Yes! Your sister is so cool! And her boyfriend too.” Merry cheers to Sunny.
            “Just friends.” You and Kid say together.
               Kid finishes with the blanket fort and you set up the inside. “Here we are you two, Sunny pick your movie.” You hum crawling out and standing beside Kid. “Looks great,” You praise.
           “This is awesome! You guys are the best!” Sunny cheers.
            “Behave you two, we’ll leave the door open if you need anything,  goodnight you two.” You hum before going to your room with Kid. You stretch and yawn, “Mm, long day…” You murmur.  
            “Yeah…. I  can take Sunny’s bed if you want?” Kid offers.
            “Up to you,  I don’t mind.” You respond before you rolling onto the bed. He crawls in and yawns as he lays down. You fold your arms and look at the ceiling after a few minutes, he starts to snore softly,  rolling over and cuddling you, head resting on your shoulder.  You blink in surprise before smirking.  “You’re the cuddler….”
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LuciferAugusta Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Kid the cuddel demon XD 
great work Queen thanks
Lorphen Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Cuddling Kidd is so perfect~
Fiction-Pixie1215 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
The truth is revealed!
BalqisDHancock Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
God if only i could use emoticons right now! My face is as red as Kid's hair! "
susan-shining-star Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Me: Awww! Kid you're so sweet! (hugs him)
Kid: (frozen in shock)
Law: (trying to hide his laughter)
ZodiacPI100 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2017
I'm with them kiss 😘 great job as always queen amazing
temperance1901 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Katmm1 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Kid is the cuddler!!!! Amazing Queen~!!! Loved this update~!! :D
ExcitedSquirrel Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  New Deviant
@.@ I can't even! Your story telling is beyond awesome!! The 'readers' character is badass and Kid just huff huff huff hottt. I love your stories *w*
AzumiiTendo Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Awwww need more~ great work
Aurasoulhikari Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
'Just friends' yeah right just kiss already!
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This is sooo great *-*
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