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Super Film-Logo by PirateQueenD

           You blink at the paper and pause before looking over at Kid. “When did we do this?” You murmur.
           “Must’ve been while we were out..” Kid responds quietly. You frown and look to Mihawk before reaching over and deftly stealing someone’s notes.
           “Mr. Dracule, may Kid and I go to the library to study this?” You speak up. Mihawk raises a surprised eyebrow, glancing between you two.
          “C-Certainly…” He murmurs tilting his head. You nod before leading Kid out.
          “Why did he look at me like I was crazy?” You mutter to Kid as you both head for the library.
          “No idea, you do usually go to the library to catch up.” He shrugs. You look through the notes and grimace.
          “We’ve missed so much…” You sigh.
          “We’ll have knock out most of it when we get back home.” He agrees with a sigh. You frown heavily. You needed to get back to work dammit. He glances at you quietly. “How much time?”
            “Two weeks… If this design doesn’t work, I might not be able to get back those materials and a new design before the-“ Kid puts a hand over your mouth to silence you.
            “Relax. You’ll get it.” He huffs. “We’ll wipe out this work together.” He holds up the make up work. You nod and relax as you both reach the library and sit together.

             “___? Eustass?” Dragon’s voice makes you both glance up.
            “Not now, go away.” You tell him bluntly.
             “Number five look right to you?” Kid asks just giving Dragon a wave. You look over Kid’s work.
             “You mixed the numbers from last problem in it, here check over my essay I’ll fix that,” You switch papers with him to fix his problem.
            “You need to take out this sentence, it doesn’t fit.” Kid points out.
             “I thought so too but I couldn’t think of another sentence-“
             “Screw the quota, it reads fine with one less sentence.” He interrupts.
             “True… Do you need something Dragon-san?” You glance up to see the principal in shock. He doesn’t answer do you shrug and look over another one of Kid’s papers. “Everything else looks good Kid.”
             “Same on your side, how many more do we have?” He mutters.
            “… Looks like one more for both of us… What time is it?” You ask straightening your papers. He holds out his phone and you both check before freezing.
            “Sunny!” You both gasp, scrambling to grab the papers and your belongings before rushing out.
             Mihawk steps beside Dragon, glancing back at you two.  “Told you, you wouldn’t believe it.” He murmurs to the principal.
             “… I suppose we can take them off the detention lists then…” Dragon comments in a daze. “I feel the world may end shortly.”
             “Wasn’t that your goal to begin with?”

            “Hi Kid! ___! Are you two okay?” Sunny asks when he climbs into the back seat.
            “We’re good, did you wait long buddy?” Kid asks making sure he got his seatbelt on.
            “Not really! My new friend kept me company!” He beams. You and Kid share a look before turning to him.
            “What’s your friend’s name?” You ask excitedly.
            “Her name’s Merry! She likes supers too! Her favorite is Rubberman!” He chimes cheerfully. You and Kid share a smile.
             “We should celebrate. Lets get ice cream and let Sunny get a new game so he and Merry can play together soon.” Kid rumbles.
             “I love that idea.” You hum thoughtfully. Kid pauses as you turn to the wheel, glancing at Sunny as he grins at Kid.
            “Me too!” He cheers. You drove them to get ice cream before taking Sunny to the game store. You and Kid let the excited boy run around as you look over some of the new consoles.
             “What’s the difference between them?” You mutter.
             “I think they just want us buy a new system for every game now.” Kid agrees.
             “Look ___! They got a new Super game! You can make your own super and go on adventures with your favorite super!” Sunny gushes running over and showing you the game he found. You take it, looking it over.
             “It’s exclusive to the new system.” You murmur and frown, glancing at the counsel’s price.
             “I’ll get the console.” Kid hums grabbing the box.
             “Kid I can get-“ He covers your mouth.
             “I want to get Sunny something too, don’t be selfish.” He teases lightly before heading to the register. You blink after him in surprise. Sunny giggles happily at the exchange.
             “Hey sis, can we do something nice for Kid?” He asks. You look down at him before kneeling down.
              “What’s our strategy Super Sunny?” You murmur. He grins at that.
              “I don’t know, but he likes you, so give him a kiss!” Sunny whispers. You gap at your little brother.
             “No seriously, what’s the plan?” You inquire. He deflates at that.
             “I don’t know….” He pouts. “But he’s really cool. I want to give him something too…” He scratches his cheek. You frown, you understood why, Kid’s been really good with Sunny. And your brother looked up to Kid like his big brother.
              “We’ll figure something out buddy, come on lets buy that game,” You smile.

             Sunny absolutely loved that new game, in fact, he was so enthralled by it, you let him stay up an extra hour before telling him to go to bed. He kind of passed out in your bed though. You smile and put the blankets over him before going to the living room. “Sunny has claimed my bed for the night, avenge me by taking his.” You tell Kid before sitting at the table to continue working on your project.
           “Don’t tell me you’re not going sleep.” He deadpans coming over to the table.
           “Deadline.” You remind him as you continue. He frowns and plops down beside you, looking over the blueprints starting to help. You pause and look at him before focusing again.
            “This is pretty cool actually, I hope it works.” He murmurs. You smile a bit and nod.
            “Me too, it looks good so far… Can you tighten this?” You breathe he nods and helps you do so.
            “Imagine Sunny's face when he sees it.” Kid chuckles lightly.
            “Oh it’s going to be the best! He’s going to be all-“ You mimic the reaction you were imagining, making him snicker.
             “That’s what I was imagining too.” He comments. “Here, I think that’s the one you need over there.”
             “Do you really think it’ll work?” You glance at him.
             “I’ve seen your work, the only way this’ll fail, is if these are blueprints for something else.” He focuses on the last few pieces. You smile more as you both finish it and sit back.
           “We…. We actually finished it…” You whisper.
            “Want to take it to the roof and test it?” Kid asks. You grin at that and pick it up gingerly.
             “Lets go.” You whisper before leading him out and up to the roof. You look at the city lights before setting down the device. You and Kid share a glance before you flip the switch. It starts to power up with buzzling hum, glowing brighter and brighter.
            “Not good!” Kid suddenly crashes into you, making you fall back as the device discharges a beam. You blink at the flawless circular hole it left in the building. The device begins to charge up again but Kid swiftly turns it off. You frown, not bothering to move.
            “I failed….” You murmur quietly. What a waste, a disappointment. Kid looks back and frowns before focusing on the device, rearranging some things before turning it back on, blinking when a plasma wave comes over the building model attached to it.
            “Look again.” He urges you. Sitting up, you give him a questioning look. He holds up a bolt and tosses it at the small building. You watch it bounce off the shield in surprise before swiftly crawling over and touching the shield.
           “You fixed it….” You whisper.
           “I just moved this and this, I guess we had them back-“ You suddenly hug his neck tightly, surprising the redhead.
           “Thank you.” You breathe, arms tightening around him more as one of your hands ruffle his hair. For a moment he didn’t realize he couldn’t breathe since you had kind of stolen his briefly. Then he tried to speak and realized you were choking him. Kid pats your arm and you blink back, pulling away and smiling sheepishly as he coughs for air. “Sorry.”
           “It’s alright, I just forgot how strong you were….” He manages.
           “Yeah it has been a while since we actually fought.” You muse as you pick up your completed project. “Come on. Lets go to bed.”
            “So… Will you be leaving now?” He guesses. You pause and look at him as he nods to the Anti-Super wall. Following his gaze, you frown lightly.
             “… We’ll see after I win.” You hum before leading him down into the apartment. You set the project on the table and yawn.
             “Come on, bedtime, troll.” Kid places his hands on your shoulders, steering you toward Sunny’s room. You blink and hold onto the doorframe.
             “I told you to take his bed.” You remind him as he frowns at you.
             “You’re not sleeping on the couch.” He scoffs.
             “No. You’re not sleeping on the couch. It’s not good for you or the couch.” You shoot back. He glowers at you before smirking.
             “Alright, we’ll share the bed then.” He decides and you deadpan. Before you can argue, he picks you up and tosses you onto the bed before crawling in beside you. It was a bit odd, especially since Sunny’s was a bit smaller than yours.
            “… I finally realized why Mihawk looked at me like I was crazy…” You mutter deciding you were to tired to fight with him.
            “Me too… This would look crazy to outsiders.” He yawns settling in.
            “Mhm.” You roll over and close your eyes, swiftly drifting off. Kid watches your back for a bit before smiling and turning away from you before following suit.
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AzumiiTendo Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Can't wait for the next part this is adorable!
AkazuIzuya Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
awww, the fluff ♥

I just now really got the reference to sunny. after you brought merry into this, and I read it in the comments.
I'm such a slowpoke T^T 
But awesome story! 
08PD01 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
this is too cute
ChibiAmmy26 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Bet the other students almost has their eyes bugged out seeing Kid and the reader getting along.XD
TrafalgarDonquixote Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
This is the best lines ever! I can't stop laughing.

    Dragon comments in a daze. “I feel the world may end shortly.” 

     "Wasn’t that your goal to begin with?”

The ending is cute too!
DemiTriXtr Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Student General Artist
Sunny and Merry XD
So cute
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yay their of the detention list
i hope sunny wakes up first and takes a picture of them cuddeling XD
Fiction-Pixie1215 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017
*crosses fingers and starts chanting* Please wake up cuddling, please wake up cuddling, please wake up cuddling...
SweetDarklightDevil Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017   Artist
Awwww ❤ everybody has the same reaction 😂
But no really this is really cute and awesome, you did a great job! :)
Hope to hear from you soon, but dont overstress yourself ✨
Aurasoulhikari Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
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