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  Wendigo by PirateQueenD

     Wind whips and howls around your group as you press on, huddling together for warmth. “So… This seems familiar… Huh Kid?” You manage.
       “Yeah. I was walking to work and you randomly came up and cuddled me for warmth. ‘Shut up and walk' You told me in a way that I thought a shrimp was gonna attempt to mug me.” He smirks.
       “Hehehe you were lucky that I didn’t mug you.” You giggle.
       “Sure.” He chuckles. Something moves on his left and you swiftly trip him, making him fall as the creature lashes out with long clawed fingers. You lean back, shooting it in the head before swiftly pulling Kid up.
       “Run!” You order the group as a howl sounds. They break into a run at that, all looking around uneasily.
       These creatures were fast, and terrifying to be honest. You shot at whatever got close enough to take down.
       “There!” Baby5 calls pointing. You glance over to see a door illuminated. Everyone runs in, sliding on the ice hallway and falling. You grunt and look to the doorway to see one of the creatures charging at your group. Law swiftly jabs the button with his gun, making the door slam shut. You relax and sit up.
         “Ice floors, why am I not surprised?” You sigh, rubbing your temple.
         “Their sadism knows no bounds.” Kid huffs rubbing his shoulder. “At least its not as cold…”
         “Yeah…” You carefully get to your feet, helping the others up. “Is everyone okay?”
          “Yeah.” Baby5 shivers, Law and Kid nod. You slide down the hall carefully, peering around cautiously.
          ‘Hello contestants! Just so you know, there’s someone near by that needs you’re help!’ Doflamingo chimes.
         “Oh no….” Baby5 breathes as Kid slips, grabbing onto you instinctively and taking you both down.
        “*Cough* What’s wrong Baby5?” You cough.
        “Well, when groups reach five members, we have to vote off one of the older ones.” She informs all of you.
         “That’s messed up…” Kid mutters. You frown and sit up.
         “Is there any other information you can give to us if one of us gets left behind?” You ask.
         “Im… Not really sure… But I do know, all the doors on previous levels open up, so the survivors can be hunted…” Her voice becomes hush and she drops her gaze. You get to your feet and pull her into a hug.
         “They’re still alive. Don’t worry…” You whisper.
         “___, do you want to look for the other person?” Kid inquires.
         “Yeah, we’ll figure out the other thing when we get to it.” You say pulling away from Baby5.
          “I don’t like that face you just made….” Law frowns, watching you.
          “I don’t know what you’re referring to Law.” You hum, offering a smile.
          “I’m sure I’m not imagining it.” He sighs. You watch him for a moment.
          “Come on Law, you know if anyone has a better chance being separated from the group, it’s me.” You point out.
          “___...” Baby5 breathes. Kid frowns heavily, watching you as Law’s eyebrows scrunch together. It was obvious he was going to argue.
         “We don’t have time.” You tell him leading the way through the icy corridors.
         “You’re doing it again.” Kid says. “Pulling away from everyone.”
         “It’s only for a bit.” You fire at a giant beetle that came scuttling over the ice. “They got that one from Earth.” You mutter.
          “Seriously…” Kid looks at the beetle, “Even I would’ve left if I had to put up with these things.”
          “The beetles have a charm, they drum at night,” You hum, tapping on the walls as you carry. “Even 24 would hum along.” You mutter.
          “That actually sounds nice.” Baby5 comments.
          “Yeah, when ever I had the day off, I’d sit in the little hot spring under the base, and the crystals would glow and light up everything…” You murmur. “Actually. I’d like to be on my day off right now…” You admit in a daze.
         “I’d like to join you on that one.” Kid chuckles.
          “So earth still had it’s quirks…” Law comments thoughtfully. You nod as something starts to hiss.
          “What the hell….” Kid mutters looking around. You look back as the ice floor becomes pink.
           “What is…” A heatwave hits them then.
          “They’re trying to melt the ice!” Law realizes and the group rushes forward.
         “Bastards!” You call out, as water  begins splashing up from everyone’s running. You hear a large splash and slide to stop, looking back as Law gets up. “Law!” You gasp moving to go help him as a door lowers between you and him. “No!” You shout, Kid slides Law a gun just before the door closes. You hit the wall, beating on it. “Law!!” You call out again.
          “___, we have to go!” Baby5 tries to tell you tearing up.
          “No…” You whisper touching your forehead to the door.
          “Go ___.” Law’s voice sounds on the otherside. “Escape the planet…. I’ll be fine.”
          “I… I don’t want to lose you!” You argue.
          “You never will, now go!” Kid scoops you up before you could respond to Law. You look at the door hopelessly, gripping Kid’s shirt.
          “No…” You murmur tearing up. Baby5 and Kid find a dry, small room with a chair in it.
          “Hello? ___?” A familiar voice sounds from the chair. You look over as Baby5 presses the button at the back of the chair, letting Robin stand up.
          “Robin no…” You whisper shakily. She frowns coming over and hugging you as Kid sets you down.
         “Are you okay?” She murmurs.
         “Law…. He…” You bite your lip. Kid frowns, touching your back.
         “We have to keep moving.” He says quietly. Baby5 goes through the room, shooting a few things and drawing everyone’s attention. She seemed serious all of a sudden.
          “The separation won’t change the fact that someone gets voted off at the next safe room.” She says.
          “Dammit…” Kid frowns, looking at you.
          “It’s not as bad. We can break the door, so they can join us on the next floor.” She smiles. You pause and look up at her.
          “Break the system…” You murmur. You straighten up becoming serious. “Do it. I’ll go back and retrieve the others. We’ll meet again on the next floor.”
          “That’s a suicide mission…” Kid frowns, “I’ll go instead.”
          “No, I’m going, so stick together, and survive.” You breathe. “Let’s find that safe room.”  
          “Alright, lead the way ___,” Robin smiles you hand her your gun before leading the others out. You would definitely get back to Law, he'd be mad but…
          “Dammit, putting yourself in danger for me…” You grit your teeth.
          “Did you expect anything less from us? You really underestimate our bond.” Robin says.
          “Damn right, you’re the only woman I’d follow you to hell and back.” Kid smirks. You pause and look between them. It made you happy to hear such things, but it also made you feel guilty that they chose to go to hell for you even after you chose to stay on Earth alone.
          “Why me…?” You sigh.
         “Because it’s you,” Kid pats your head.
         “If we have to give you every reason, we’ll be here all day.” Robin hums.
         “Alright lets find that safe room.” Baby5 chimes leading the way. You shiver, your wet clothes beginning to suck in all the cold. Kid frowns, pulling you into his side.
          “I cant wait to get off the fucking level….” He grumbles.
          “Same.” You sigh and pause as Baby5 stops.
          “It’s there! The safe room!” She gasps dashing ahead to a door with two hand scanners on both sides.
          “We didn’t h-have to fight a boss…” You whisper as you and the other two rush to the door. “We were so close…”
           ‘Welcome to the safe door of choice! Everyone place your hand on the scanners and vote who gets left behind~’ Doflamingo's voice chimes. Everyone shares a look before placing their hand on a scanner.
           “___.” You say with the others in unison. Restraints clamp down on your hand as the door opens. They hesitate, looking over at you.
           “Go ahead guys, I’ll be fine.” You smile. Robin and Baby5 hug you tightly before going inside. Kid hesitates with a frown, meeting your gaze. “No going back now.”
           “I wish we could. I would’ve fought harder for you.” He sighs before cupping your cheek and kissing you. You blink in slight but you really should’ve expected it.
           “Take care of them Kid. Do that and I’ll go on a date with you when we get out.” You hum. He pauses in surprise before grinning.
           “Don’t forget!” He chuckles before going in. The door closes, most of the way. You pause at the sound of grinding as the door attempts to shut. You smile a bit as the restraints are lifted and a gun is slid under the door. “Go get him!” Kid calls.
           “Got it!” You breathe grabbing the gun and running down the hall as all the doors linking to the previous floors open. Somewhere in the distance an echoing and deep howl sounds.
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susan-shining-star Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
(giggles as I hug you)
Wolffang1995Hyano Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017   Traditional Artist
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