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      The door opens to reveal a cliff edge, the knight walks out and along the cliff path, tossing away the torch as they lead Lockheart and the others to a field where they all finally stop to rest. “Draxus… How…” Sedrik breaks the silence.
      “The night Lilith tried to frame me, Dawn took me in and pushed me down that secret path… She saved me…” Draxus looks back at the door.
       “She always did trust you… But how did you know we needed you?” Alistair asks.
        “I didn’t… But after I found her… I knew something horrible was happening…” Draxus drops his gaze.
        “You…. Found Dawn?... Is she…” Kain didn’t wish to complete the question.
        “She’s gone… It appeared that Lilith tortured her before pushing her over the castle wall… She had gashes all over her face…” Drake touches his freshly scarred chin and starts to shake. “…. Oh…. Sweet Dawn….” He whispers. The unnamed knight puts a hand on his shoulder.
         Lockheart sinks to his knees in shock and disbelief. “Lockheart…” Sedrik frowns sympathetically as Zane puts a hand on their leader’s shoulder.
         “…. I… I should’ve remained at the castle, if I had been nearby…. I…. Dawn… I’m so sorry Dawn….” Lockheart puts a hand over his eyes.
         “That’s a loss none of us will get over…” Kain murmurs.
         “What do we do now?” Luscious asks, tears escaping his brown orbs.
         “I think we need to go warn Gold Kingdom… The night I saw Lilith's true face, she had been discussing invasion with her servant Spanda..” Draxus informs them.
         “Dawn loved the Gold Kingdom…. Got all of us gifts from there whenever they went to meet the royal family.” Alistair frowns.
         “She’s destroying so much of Dawn….” Sedrik whispers. Lockheart stands suddenly at that.
         “We’ll stop her plans… For Dawn, and the rest of the Kingdom.” He decides and the others nod.
         “Then follow me, I know an untraveled  path we can take to where Bronze and I have been staying, I have horses there.” Draxus says taking the lead.
          “Bronze? Is that your name?” Lockheart looks at the unnamed knight.
          “Yes, he doesn’t speak much, Lilith cut out part of his tongue for going against her.”
           “Lilith… I always knew something was off about her… But this… Its pure evil…” Alistar murmurs.
          “An evil we have to stop.” Lockheart rumbles, nodding to Draxus who leads the way.

         Kid leans on you, reading over the script with you.
          “Its sad… Will they meet another woman like her?” He asks.
         “That’s confidential.” You breathe with a smile. He pouts leaning on you more.
         “Come on! Just a hint!” He whines.
         “Don’t, he’ll ruin the story.” Law says sitting on your other side. You blink at him in surprise as he eats nonchalantly.
          “Are you feeling okay?” You ask.
          “Yes, why?” He raises an eyebrow at you.
         “You… Approached me…” You return the look.
         “I sit where I want. It has nothing to do with you..” He scoffs looking down.
         “Hey! Pay attention to me!” Kid huffs.
         “So noisy,” Zoro yawns sitting down with the slowly growing group.
         “Kid must have it bad. He’s usually more careful not to show that side of himself.” Sabo mutters to Ace.
         “Can you blame him?” Ace murmurs back. “Hey ___, want some chocolate?” He asks offering you a piece.
         “Oh, thank you.” You smile taking it.
         “Can we do the next part after practice today?” Luffy asks excitedly.
         “If you guys want to.” You smile.
         “Yeah, we gotta know what happens next.” Kid rumbles nudging you.
         “Alright then….”

         You were loving his voice more and more, so rich with such range. He was talented in so many areas, you admired that. Law was an elite, just looking at him would tell you that. Yet he had friends like his band members. Even allowed you to hang around. How lucky were you.
          “Hey! Pay attention to me.” Kid demands, making you blink back, realizing you had been staring at Law.
          “S-Sorry! I zoned out.” You stammer. Kid huffs grumpy tossing a glare at Law who only smirks in response.
           “I hate you.” Kid tells Law bluntly.
           “Im aware.” Law hums with a shrug.
           “You know people ship you two right? Since you’re single.” Ace tells Law. Law and Kid make a disgusted face, rolling their eyes. You giggle lightly at them.
            “Don’t laugh!” Kid frowns. “Go out with-“ Kid coughs when Sabo’s guitar meets his side, cutting him off. Kid glares at him, “Watch it! Im talking!” He snaps.
             “I know, and I want you to stop.” Sabo smiles calmly. Ace snickers at the blond.
             “Your jealous side is showing Sabo.” The freckled guy chuckles. Sabo ignores him, focusing on tuning his guitar instead. You giggle more, holding your stomach.
            “You guys are so funny!” You cackle.
            “You’re so cute when you laugh!” Ace gushes. You blush and look down at your notebook.
           “Hows it going?” Drake inquires.
           “Act Two is complete…” You say in surprise.
           “Why do you look surprised?” Zoro huffs.
           “I didn’t notice until I just read it over the last part…” You smile and stand up.
           “Then lets go celebrate.” Kid decides straightening up. “Its been a while since we all went out.”
            “Yeah, we should show ___ the town.” Ace agrees.
            “What do you say?” Sabo smiles at you.
            “Sounds great. Lead the way.” You smile.

            It was a lovely town. You rather enjoyed looking into the shops with them. Though he didn’t say much, Law mainly kept to your side while the others wandered about often spotting something they liked.
          “You don’t want anything?” You tilt your head, peering at him.
          “I have all I need.” He responds with a shrug. You hum and look ahead, wishing you could say the same for yourself. You look up at the sky quietly. Law peers at you and puts an arm around your neck, surprising you. “While they’re distracted… Lets sneak off.” He smirks.
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AliceWonderlandDream Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Another of your stories that makes me fall in love with your writings.. You are really talented :3 and... Yay law is going to steal me away... Yaaas please and let's eat a crepe at the park jejejeje and sing me a song please
NitroFox-22 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SO CUTE!!!! 
Katmm1 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
XD Where are we going then Law?
Law: *clears throat* Somewhhheeeerrrreeeee ooooveeeerrr the raaaaaainbooooow *puts hand over Law's mouth*
If I wanted sarcasm I would've look into a mirror.......
Law:*smirks* well~ it's a surprise Kat-ya~
MinVerden Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
No, no no no no Law, let go 😑
Law: I know you want to Camilla-ya *smirk*
No, Law, let go.
Law: To late *hurled me over his shoulder and of he ran*
ZodiacPI100 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
YEEEEEAAAA!!!!! I'll sneak off with you Law he's finally coming around!!! Great job!!!
susan-shining-star Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017
(Happy dance)
phoenixjewls Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It's amusing when they argue and it seems Law is coming around
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